Improved features in Java6 and Java7

Published: 21st May 2012
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This article shows how Java6 and Java7 are improvised for clients and desktop parts. Improvements include the introduction of new plug-in, more translucent windows, mixture of heavyweight and lightweight, Java web start and the deployment toolkit of java. Java6 came out in the year 2006 and now has been improved for clients so as to work out great J2ee development, Java development, J2ee application development which benefits clients to get best working apps. J2ee development is increasing due to these improvisations and enables developers to create useful apps for clients like better installation, web start, web profile, applets and best designs with graphics.

Some areas where Java6 is made better:

  • Swing has new APIs from Java SE 6. One of the API is drag and drop which is supported in apps so as to give developers with an opportunity to create live feedback into their controls. Also JTable, FilterAPI, Swing worker has some improvements to make their working better.

  • Start-up and installation phase: Before some time developers put some efforts related to issues that were commonly faced during installation, updates and to make the start faster. These efforts gave results because of its toolkit which involved detection scripts and in-browser installers. Both these things pickups the launch of app at a fast speed.

  • Frame of the abstract windowing toolkit and the classes: AWT involves top level of frame and window classes along with an addition of a valuable non-public API by oracle. In J2ee application developers can mix both controls the lightweight and heavyweight so as to avoid most issues caused during embedment of third party native controls like web browser or OpenGL 3D.

  • Better graphics: More efforts have put in quietly for making swing quick and more efficient. Here graphics is improved by the client team of Oracle who made drawing faster by defaulting pipelines with enablement of OpenGL and Direct3D. This enables while J2ee development to draw anything on the screen with fast speed that is already facilitated in the graphics card that accelerates drawing speed of the developer or the designer.
  • Appearance and feeling elements: Here both look and the feel of Java SE 6 is made better which was earlier the standard one. Now Windows look and feel is using native theming engine which makes the controls of Swing look like the native counterparts even though if user here switches to custom theme. But this new versionís release has improved in both the ways with support for Vista and Windows 7 and offers now with clear, subtle and eye-catching animations and graphics that are more focused now for development.

  • Web Start in Java: Again this version has improvised the web start where once when Java is installed and starts running on userís desktop two opportunities are provided for launching the app. If the user wishes to run app outside the browser with a desktop icon then he need to use Java web start. New supports including PNF format icons, better control for updates and splash screens are added. It also supports better integration, creating and deleting shortcuts, editing on the system and much more.

Further Java SE 6 has also improved other areas like Applets wherein the major difference is seen where developer can re-write applet plug-in right from scratch. The java team from Apple has also made may better improvisations in many elements especially for Mac OS.

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